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TEP – Taglio e perforazione cemento armato S.r.L. deals with diamond-cutting, boring and coring, wire and disc cutting reinforced concrete using the latest and most innovative technologies for controlled demolition.

In addition to conventional demolition methods, the most advanced technology is used. This permit executing works that do not produce any dust, vibration or noise, and in this way, customers can keep on working as usual even when we are actually executing our job! Thanks to innovative equipment and the experience of our staff, TEP – Taglio e perforazione cemento armato S.r.L. has significantly reduced work times.

Here are some of the equipment and technologies for controlled demolition that we use:

  • Diamond cutting

    Diamond wire/disc cuts for reinforced concrete structures

  • Technologies for diamond drilling and drilling

    Drilling with cutting-edge drilling machines, which use diamond-cutting technology. In this way we can drill holes and take cores with no restrictions in terms of depth

  • Technologies for small controlled demolitions

    Crushing with hand-held crusher: if the reinforced concrete structures are accessible from one side only, we use a plunge saw

  • Technologies for holes and coring, diamond cutting, dangerous demolitions: 

    safe, rapid and silent controlled demolition equipment

  • Dangerous demolitions or in closed spaces

    Use of remote-controlled electric robots for buildings in order not to cause smog, dust or noise.

  • Reinforced concrete cutting for circular openings

    Works using diamond wire technology mounted on a pantograph, in order to guarantee an accurate and quick cut.

  • Hydro-demolitions

    Using high-pressure water jets plus the possibility of removing concrete in portions without producing noise or dust, using robots in case of particular needs.

TEP – Taglio e perforazione cemento armato S.r.L. operates in total autonomy as regards all the equipment necessary for the works commissioned.


Continuous investments in human resources and machinery have enabled us to provide services which reflect our fundamental principles: demolitions must be carried out with absolute safety and with professional passion.

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