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TEP – Taglio e perforazione cemento armato S.r.L. carries out special demolitions and high-risk demolitions making use of the technology of Brokk robots, operating safely even in situations of maximum risk, acting under extreme conditions or in confined spaces and guaranteeing smog-free and silent works.

Brokk electric robots for crushing and demolition are ideal:

  • for cases of dangerous demolitions or in extreme conditions

  • In controlled demolitions in closed spaces where normal vehicles cannot enter. In every place that excavators and other traditional demolition equipment cannot reach, our Brokk robots act quickly and without difficulty since they are compact in size and very light. They can even climb up stairs, get into narrow spaces and more.

  • for the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • for demolishing chimneys and tanks

  • when there are personnel at work

Brokk robots are fully electrical, which means that environmental impact is practically zero.

The speed at which our electric Brokk demolition robots move the double arm/tip is excellent compared to the bulky and slow articulated booms of excavators. The result: all works take much less time!

Some applications of demolition using electric robots:

  • Crushing and dangerous demolitions

  • Connection of rock tunnels

  • Crushing with remote-controlled robots

  • Demolition of slabs

  • Demolition of tunnels

  • Demolitions of mixed stones 


Continuous investments in human resources and machinery have enabled us to provide services which reflect our fundamental principles: demolitions must be carried out with absolute safety and with professional passion.




controlled demolitions

controlled demolitions


structural strengthening

structural strengthening

Demolition with passion